Conservative candidates in Thunder Bay area issue joint statement on Bombardier layoffs

July 11, 2019

Conservative Party candidates Linda Rydholm (Thunder Bay–Rainy River) and Frank Pullia (Thunder Bay—Superior North) issued the following statement regarding Bombardier’s decision to layoff 550 employees at its Thunder Bay plant:

“The people of Thunder Bay aren’t interested in a blame game from their Members of Parliament. These are real people losing real jobs.”

“The news of these layoffs is a devastating blow to hundreds of families here who rely on the Thunder Bay plant to provide a living. Our thoughts are with all those who will be impacted by these layoffs.”

“It would be an understatement to say we’re disappointed in the reaction of Liberal MPs here, and their choice to point fingers and attempt to score cheap political points instead of looking to help our community.”

“The irony should not be lost on anyone here that the federal Minister of Labour is blaming others for job losses in her own riding, while the Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay-Rainy River stays silent.”

“Conservatives know how hard it is already for people to get by, and these types of job losses require all levels of government to work together, not have the federal government pass the buck to other counterparts – that’s not cooperative, that’s not helpful, and it’s not what people here deserve. The Liberals cannot keep blaming others for their failure to work with counterparts to get infrastructure projects moving.”

“As should be expected of a Member of Parliament, we’d prefer to work with all levels of government to ensure our workers are supported, and as Conservative MPs, we’d find solutions together with the province and municipality on this and other issues. People in Thunder Bay–Rainy River and Thunder Bay—Superior North deserve representatives that will work with the municipality and the province to ensure infrastructure projects are delivered on time and on budget.”

“Together with Andrew Scheer, a Conservative government will put forward an infrastructure plan that not only grows the economy, but gets much needed projects built in communities across Canada.”